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earth + fibre

Black Rock Small Bowl 1

Black Rock Small Bowl 1

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This is a perfect little berry bowl that is also perfect for granola, your favourite soup or individual popcorn bowls for the kids.

This clay is naturally rough so it is burnished with a beach stone to make it super shiny and close the clay particles before going into the kiln for the first of two firings.  The glaze is a homemade white that appears creamy and even greyish or slightly greenish reminding me of the ocean sea foam where it bubble along the drips and rim

rim 6.5" x H2.2"

dishwasher safe but hand washing is always recommended for longevity

due to the hand made nature of these pieces, each one is meant to be it's own unique piece, glaze drips will always very and size and shape may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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