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earth + fibre studio


inspired by west coast culture

Lanterns and pendants

Katie Lavelle. Ceramics & Fibre Artist.

I suspect you are just like me: a homebody through and through or maybe you just love uber cozy spaces. Knowing you are out there fuels my desire for creating special pieces and modern heirlooms that make the moments at home feel special, sacred and cozy. Wabi sabi is a practice that I fully embrace making my creations truly one of a kind, no two mugs, lanterns, pendants or bowls are meant to be exactly the same. They each have soul and that is what I want you to feel.

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earth, fire & water

What seems like a lifetime ago I was immersed in the 5 elements in a different way. An ancient healing modality.

Now the elements have deep meaning for me in an intrinsic way that is impossible to separate from my ceramic practice. I believe that we love ceramics because they are rooted in culture, and they connect us to nature in a tangible way that secretly allows us to feel something.

I love unique items that I can tell have deep cultural roots. I love the perfectly, imperfect character of handmade items obviously crafted by masterful hands.

My intention is to infuse these loves into each and every one of my pieces made in the studio or on my loom for you to feel and be captivated by. Items that have their own personality and soul effortlessly instill a vibe, serious ambience and a bit of magic into your home.


The process of clay is long, slow and intentional and leads to a strong practice in patience and letting go. Nature forces its wisdom on us through each stage which gets infused into all the pots.

I wholeheartedly believe that creation in whatever form (maybe it's cooking, organization, music etc) is our greatest connection to soul or our deepest self. And this soul connection intrinsically saturates each and every piece through the creation process.

I have a sneaking suspicion it truly why we are drawn to and love ceramics.

Bowls with soul:)

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