Hi I'm Katie

I am a pisces, a dreamer, an over thinker and an ideas gal. I have a wild imagination and love the raw elements, the lush, mossy, ancient rainforest is my happy place especially on the coast where the waves crash rhythmically on shore.

Here's a little about me...

In 2020, I made a life changing decision to leave many years of traditional Chinese Medicine  to pursue a path of creativity.  I have always loved ceramics and textiles and everything interior design/home decor;  none of which I studied,  but decided to just give it a go!!!  Why the heck not?  I loved TCM but something was still missing for me and now I know why....

  My soul is happy when I create.

My fave part of Chinese medicine is still, and will always be the integral thread of the 5 elements (fire, earth, water, wood and metal)  through our entire being and lives on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. 
These are the very elements of nature infused in my meditational and daily practice of creating with clay. Just seeing it transform into its final form is magic.  But... knowing that each item exudes a rich, cozy feeling while inviting ritual into your routines is the purpose.  Pure and simple. 

"Simplify to amplify"

is a quote a lovely friend/coach of mine shared with me and this sums up my new life as a creative, as a potter, as a teacher, and as an artist.