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I am super stoked that you wanna play with clay with me!  This course is an introduction to clay.   

Four weeks will be spent learning the basics and foundations of body posture, hand position, centering and moving the clay and just getting your hands dirty! The fifth week will be the week to sand, prep your pieces for glazing and glaze.

This class focuses on building skills but also has space for you to put your creativity to the test and add decoration and whatever you have your mind set on.  Bring your ideas and I will help you carry them out

COST : $395 + gst= $414.75

*****next round - 3 separate sessions to choose from *beginning March 25/26 or @&****


  Monday eve- 6-9pm

  Tuesday eve 6-9pm

  Wednesday eve 6-9pm


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****PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND ALL THE CLASSES AS THERE ARE NO MAKE UP SESSIONS.***  Please also be aware that  I  run classes on ALL holiday Mondays

Because classes are so high in demand payment will secure your spot so please email me to let me know your day choice and confirm availability and then send an e- transfer  ASAP to 



 A full refund will be returned if minimum 5 days notice are given for a cancellation prior to the start date of the class session.

50% will be returned if less than 5 days notice are given and the space is not filled

If the space is filled 100% will be returned even if less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given.




The class is only for people who have taken an intro class.   I do not teach the basics of centering in this class as it is expected you have experience so that the nature of the class is for progressing your skills.  Please come with a ceramic goal in mind - do you want to throw something big or something narrow or a specific item.  I want you to reach your goal and we will practice all the skills to get everyone to their goal.

1x a week for 5 weeks/  3 hour sessions

NEXT SESSION will be postponed to incorporate an additional beginner wheel



Wheel Rental is here !

I have set up a few wheels for my past and current students (who have taken a minimum of 2, five week sessions with me) to come and practice their skills. 

This is a fully INDEPENDENT session where you will be 100% on your own to play, no instruction is given.

The best way to learn is practice and feel, less thinking. You must be 100% confident working independently through all the steps of throwing and be extremely diligent with clean up


*****THIS IS NOT FOR PRODUCTION POTTERS.  This is set up for my students to practice their skills.



***this is for my past and current students only at this time****


Drop ins- $50 +gst-

paid on the website when you select your day. You will be required to take your bag of clay/tools/ apron etc home but will have a small space for your work to remain in the studio

1x/week member-$180+gst -$189

paid on either the 1st or 15thof the month (depending when you start)with 3 month commitment and 1 month notice of discontinuing

2x/week member-$$320+gst-

paid on either the 1st or 15thof the month with 3 month (depending when you join) commitment and 1 month notice of discontinuing

Members will be given a cubby shelf to store your clay/tools etc and half shelf for 1x week and full shelf for 2x week for your work in its varying stages

TIME:      3 hours $50+gst

The final half hour of your session is for clean up.  You must have your station completely cleaned, mopped and set for the next renter to step in and be ready to create. 

CLAY:     $55 +gst 22lb bag-

** due to the volume of renters and students a max of one bag of clay per month is the limit**.

-clay cost includes 22 lb of clay + glaze.

FIRINGS:  (all clay needs to be fired twice)

  • BisqueFire- Half shelf  $15.     
  •  Full Shelf $30
  • Glaze Fire-  Half shelf. $18.       
  • Full Shelf $35

****if you only fill1/3 of a shelf- the cost is calculated for what you use****

Any item that has been glazed  too thick, too close to the bottom or has specks of glaze on the bottom will not be fired.   It is up to you to make sure that your pieces are ready to go!

Any items that have glaze run onto the kiln shelf  will incur an additional fee for us needing to chip, grind and tend to the irrepairable damage.


*****AGAIN THIS IS NOT FOR PRODUCTION POTTERS.  This is set up for students to practice their skills.

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